In gratitude for all these beautiful people who have made this journey so special and fulfilling…

“Thank you again for last years course it meant more to me than you could ever know in so many different areas of my life.”

Karen Galligan, Camp Mountain Ponies, Australia

“The combination of information and deep learning that Leif facilitates is truly transformational. I am not the same person now that I was in the beginning of the year.”

Amanda Starr

Leif teaches with a compassionate style, and she is honest and authentic in her feedback, truly challenging me to stop trying to do what I think I am supposed to do, and really do what I want to do and what needs doing!  Her deep knowledge of horses and partnering with them to provide services to humans is second to none.

Kelly Jones

“The Masterclass changed my life. I gained invaluable insight into myself as a person, a horsewoman, and a capable EAL facilitator. The journey challenged me and was emotional and inspiring.”

Anne Pearson

“Initially, I was drawn to Leif’s academic work. As an EAL practitioner and undergraduate psychology student, it was hard to find authoritative, peer-reviewed texts that supported my attempts to argue the veracity of EAL/P, however Leif’s writing met the approval of my professors. Once I met Leif (in 2018), I began to realise the depth and breadth of her practice – not only her advocacy for professional standards, and depth of experience understanding and caring for horses, but also her humanity. These qualities have been the foundation of the Masterclass, in which I have had the privilege of being involved.”

Camilla Mowbray

“The most life-changing, attitude-shifting, I’ll-never-be-the-same part of this learning experience has been the in-between. Listening to words not spoken, seeing things unseen, feeling a connection to horses, other people, myself and the natural world that I’ve never heard, seen or connected to before. Finding my tribe and my path to allow me to be truly me.”

Tara Reid

“The way Leif draws people together and can get people to connect and share wisdom is a power in itself.”

Michelle Coulcher

“I was apprehensive about being a little fish in a big pond but felt entirely supported, respected and worthy from day one. I have learned to have faith in my own abilities, and to trust my dreams. I have met an extraordinary group of people along the journey who have delivered amazing friendship, support and knowledge, and equally taught me to be more patient, understanding and respectful of differences in outlook, opinion and ambition. I have shared beautiful experiences in stunning locations, and at times felt entirely out of my depth, not unlike a goldfish in an ocean. I definitely know myself better – the good and the not so good – and feel excited for and open to what lies ahead.”

Tanya McDermott

“As a student I was looking to really dive deeper and extend my knowledge and understanding of my work with horses and humans. The course offered me the opportunity to do this and to also surprise myself by gaining a better understanding of myself as both a person and professional.”

Amy Andra

“I have had a wonderful time being a part of the Masterclass. Leif, you have guided me with the aid of the group to believe in myself and realise my self-worth. I have grown as a provider for my business due to my learnt understanding of what grounds me and improves my life. I have overcome many personal barriers during the MC.”

Alison Alves

“I came into Leif’s course with 7 years of equine-assisted learning (EAL) behind me, 14 years as a coach and 23 years as a horse breeder. So not new to the field. Boy though did I learn a lot. I was stretched to challenge my thinking about things. I was given the opportunity to both learn from others and to support them. I am confident I leave the course a more rounded and better equipped facilitator and EAL practitioner than I entered it.”

Lynn Jenkin

“What I’ve taken most from this group with the support and grace of Leif and my peers is a new sense of confidence and purpose. I wouldn’t have expected this, especially given that the group took place entirely virtually. Through this group and with Leif’s encouragement, I was able to recognize that I already have everything I needed to pursue therapeutic work alongside horses…within me. This bit of self-assuredness is something I’ve wanted for a very long time and I am so incredibly grateful for the container that Leif created which allowed me to find it.”

Krystle Gawel-Kulesa

“I realized that I do know more than I thought I did, even though it does not necessarily pertain to horses and you’ve always made me feel like that was OK and on my path of learning my ideas and questions were always welcome. Thank you Leif!”

Carmen Ancinas-Gee

Let’s journey together!

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