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Come learn together in community!

Leif prides herself on crafting powerful, intimate, one-of-a-kind learning opportunities that gently weave together the personal and the professional. Although based around the inclusion of horses in mental health and learning, all of Leif’s training opportunities are intentionally designed to deepen the process of learning, growth, and change through cultivating connections with self, others, and the natural world.

Leif’s diverse life and professional experiences and her authentic, unassuming, humble, lighthearted, and curious personality make her a wealth of knowledge, inspiration, wisdom, and FUN! She believes the first step in learning anything includes a process of slowing down, getting into our bodies, becoming curious, and preparing for the journey ahead. For Leif, learning is a deeply personal practice that involves increasing awareness of ourselves and the world around us and generating personal transformation across all spheres of our lives.

Grounded in extensive scholarly research and exhaustive academic study, Leif’s approach takes into account the complex and dynamic nature of equine-assisted mental health or learning. No two providers, horses, clients, or students are alike or have the same needs. That, coupled with the ever-changing quality of the natural world and the evocative power of horses and experiential therapy or learning, requires a depth and breadth of knowledge and experience.

Leif’s goal is to foster a generation of professionals who are dedicated to life-long learning, to expanding their knowledge in new and different areas, to increasing their competency (both personally and professionally), to doing their own personal growth work, to promoting respectful relationships with animals and the natural world, and to doing it all together – in community!

Learning with Leif is a very different experience. Is is far, far more than “just” attending a training or obtaining a certificate. This is an intimately personal journey — one of self-discovery, challenge, humor, and adventure that will inevitably challenge your beliefs, open your eyes, and touch your heart. If you are learning with Leif you won’t be disappointed!

Current Offerings

If you are intrigued by the sound of all this, check out Leif’s current courses and groups. Please note that given the nature of Leif’s offerings, they typically fill up quickly. If you are interested and there is still space, grab a spot! If they are full, contact Leif to get on a waiting list for future offerings.

“The most life-changing, attitude-shifting, I’ll-never-be-the-same part of this learning experience has been the in-between. Listening to words not spoken, seeing things unseen, feeling a connection to horses, other people, myself and the natural world that I’ve never heard, seen or connected to before. Finding my tribe and my path to allow me to be truly me.”

Tara Reid

“I was apprehensive about being a little fish in a big pond but felt entirely supported, respected and worthy from day one. I have learned to have faith in my own abilities, and to trust my dreams. I have met an extraordinary group of people along the journey who have delivered amazing friendship, support and knowledge, and equally taught me to be more patient, understanding and respectful of differences in outlook, opinion and ambition. I have shared beautiful experiences in stunning locations, and at times felt entirely out of my depth, not unlike a goldfish in an ocean. I definitely know myself better – the good and the not so good – and feel excited for and open to what lies ahead.”

Tanya McDermott

Let’s journey together!