Deepen Your Learning, Advance Your Skills, Grow and Explore — Together

Join Leif Hallberg’s Master Class – A not-to-be missed opportunity to study, learn, and grow with one of the leading experts in the equine-assisted mental health and equine-assisted learning industry.

The concept of a Master Class is about dedication to raising the bar, investing in your own personal and professional growth, and doing it together – in community. You don’t need to be an expert, or bring years of experience. Rather, Master Class participants are committed to the process of learning – and seek to share a challenging, rewarding, and safe personal and professional growth experience with other like-minded and passionate individuals.

This is an invitation to engage with others on a journey of self-exploration and professional development uniquely crafted for those interested in equine-assisted mental health and equine-assisted learning. Come join us as we integrate business skills with self-awareness training, mindfulness practices, and equine knowledge while deepening our connections with self, others, and the natural world.

What’s Included?

This class combines six core components which are delivered over a six-month period:

Monthly Group Coaching Calls

The Master Class group gathers once per month via video call for live coaching and peer support. During these calls, you will have the chance to present cases for consultation, work through the design of treatment or learning plans and activities for specific clients or students, ask horse-care questions, talk through ethics questions, and discuss business or personal challenges and successes.

Customized Content & Resources

Along with this journey of self-exploration, monthly learning modules may incorporate content from any of these areas:

  • Business acumen – writing business plans, developing a budget, creating services, attracting clients, and RUNNING A BUSINESS 🙂
  • Referral and collaboration strategies
  • Theoretical underpinnings of EAMH/EAL
  • Equine ethology and applied equitation science principles
  • Self as provider – Exploring personal and professional competencies
  • Horse as a therapeutic presence – and the ethics of appropriating animals for human wellbeing
  • Practice ethics, standards, safety
  • Lesson/session planning and activity design

Group Support & Feedback

During the monthly video coaching calls and on the virtual classroom platform, you will be asked to engage in productive, constructive, and supportive group dialog. Learning together in community is one of the most important facets of this Master Class group.

Weekly Reflections & Practices

Each week you will be given an assignment, practice, or reflection to complete. The purpose of this is to enhance and personalize the learning journey.

One-On-One Coaching Calls*

You can schedule one-on-one coaching calls with Leif and other industry experts to get more specialized feedback or support around specific cases or business and personal growth-related topics.

In-Person Retreats*

Throughout the Master Class group, there will be opportunities to meet in person. Hands on experiences and coming together to learn from and about each other is a special component of the Master Class process.

Who Should Attend?

This group is open to all, regardless of model or approach, and supports the variety of training programs available by enhancing provider competency and offering participants a broad and inclusive view of the industry.

The most important feature of a Master Class participant is commitment – to your own learning and growth, to the group process, and to the betterment of this industry as a whole.

Application Process

Master Class participants are required to have attended at least one of Leif Hallberg’s professional development workshops, and must be approved by Leif to register for the Master Class group.


Commitment is key to the Master Class experience —  Contributions from all group members form the rich tapestry that makes this an exceptional and life-changing journey — therefore 100% participation is required.


THIS MASTER CLASS IS FILLED. Check back for other opportunities!

*Discounted rates apply.