The Practitioners Group

The Practitioners Group with Leif Hallberg

6-Month Online, Hands-On Immersive Group Experience

Sept-February, 2021

Now Taking Applications

“I came into Leif’s course with 7 years of equine-assisted learning (EAL) behind me, 14 years as a coach and 23 years as a horse breeder. So not new to the field. Boy though did I learn a lot. I was stretched to challenge my thinking about things. I was given the opportunity to both learn from others and to support them. I am confident I leave the course a more rounded and better equipped facilitator and EAL practitioner than I entered it.”

Lynn Jenkin

Come experience first-hand the power of digging in.. of exploring yourself.. of seeing and being seen. This unique and intimate hands-on learning and personal growth opportunity is offered for professionals interested in advancing their experiential facilitation skills especially in the areas of mindfulness, nature-based, and equine-assisted mental health or learning.

This group gently weaves together the personal and the professional as participants have the life-changing experience of being facilitated through transformational activities so as to witness first-hand the power of mindful equine and nature interactions.

Doing our own work is a critical component to being an effective experiential facilitator. Although not therapy, this group is intentionally designed to include facilitated experiences that are likely to invoke a degree of emotion or bring up material of a personal nature. The purpose of this is for you to have the opportunity to explore yourself and your relationships at a deeper level within a supportive community. Leif is highly skilled at safely and ethically negotiating the line between therapy and personal development, and will support you as you move along this self-growth journey.

Participants are encouraged to sign up for this group in dyads. The dyad format is designed to deepen relationships and the learning experience while supporting the practice of experiential facilitation. That said, participants can sign up individually with some additional stipulations (see below).

“Leif teaches with a compassionate style, and she is honest and authentic in her feedback, truly challenging me to stop trying to do what I think I am supposed to do, and really do what I want to do and what needs doing!  Her deep knowledge of horses and partnering with them to provide services to humans is second to none.”

Kelly Jones

Who Is This Group For?

  • Therapist/equine specialist teams looking to development a deeper relationship.
  • Professionals already providing EAMH or EAL who want to dig in and learn more about themselves, enhance their skills, and increase their competency.
  • Professionals (healthcare professionals, wellness experts, coaches, educators, etc) who don’t offer EAMH or EAL, but who are interested in self-growth, and wish to increase their experiential facilitation skills.
  • Professionals seeking a supportive community of like-minded travelers in which to learn more about themselves, others, and the natural world.

What You Will Learn/Practice

  1. Experiencing, creating, and facilitating mindful equine and nature experiences that apply the foundational principles, theories, and techniques of experiential facilitation.
  2. Applying “humanship” skills (or the foundational skills and characteristics of an experiential facilitator) to your facilitation and to all of your interactions with self, others, and the natural world.
  3. Caring for our equine partners during a session – This includes applying the basic principles of equine ethology, communication, behaviour during facilitation including assessing for (and addressing) stress, stress triggers, burn out, and shutting down or appeasing behaviours. *
  4. Applying basic risk management strategies during the facilitation of mindful equine and/or nature experiences.
  5. Designing session plans that are intentional and target the needs, presenting issues, and goals of your students or clients.
  6. Embodying self-care and self-love techniques.

*It is not necessary to work with equines during this group, however this topic will be covered in depth – so an interest in horses is recommended.

What Is Included In This Group

  • Every other week 2-hour live groups that include a mix of content delivery, discussion, and facilitated experiences (days and times of these calls to be established once the group forms)
  • Self-reflective assignments designed to increase your knowledge, skills, and competency
  • LOTS of personalized attention and practical experience!
  • Discounted 1:1 consult sessions with Leif
  • A community of like-minded travelers!

*Participants who have not attended Leif’s Masterclass or her Experiential Facilitation Skills Course may be asked to complete additional educational requirements.

Logistical Requirements

  • Access to a location with horses* and nature.
  • Access to WiFi or the internet at this location.
  • If you sign up as an individual rather than a dyad, you will need to arrange for someone to operate the phone, iPad, or laptop during experiential sessions.
  • Access to Zoom on a computer, phone, and/or iPad.
  • Access to Facebook, Messenger, and Google Drive.  

*It is not necessary to work with horses for this group, however you will need access to a natural setting where you can practice facilitation.

Payment Options

  • $1800.00 USD per dyad – Full tuition paid upfront with discount for dyads (GREAT COST SAVINGS!!!)
  • $1200.00 USD – Full tuition paid upfront for individual

*International transfer fees are not included in the cost of tuition

“What I’ve taken most from this group with the support and grace of Leif and my peers is a new sense of confidence and purpose. I wouldn’t have expected this, especially given that the group took place entirely virtually. Through this group and with Leif’s encouragement, I was able to recognize that I already have everything I needed to pursue therapeutic work alongside horses…within me. This bit of self-assuredness is something I’ve wanted for a very long time and I am so incredibly grateful for the container that Leif created which allowed me to find it.”

Krystle Gawel-Kulesa

“I realized that I do know more than I thought I did, even though it does not necessarily pertain to horses and you’ve always made me feel like that was OK and on my path of learning my ideas and questions were always welcome. Thank you Leif!”

Carmen Ancinas-Gee
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