The Masterclass

The Masterclass

An Immersive & Personal Learning Journey with Leif Hallberg

120 Hour On-Line Personal & Professional Development Course in Equine-Assisted Mental Health & Equine-Assisted Learning

April – October, 2021

“Don’t expect the Masterclass to be like anything else. It is greater than the sum of its parts – far more demanding than an online course and infinitely more satisfying than a face to face workshop.”

Camilla Mowbray

The concept of a Masterclass is not necessarily about “mastering” anything, but rather about learning from or with someone who is considered a “Master” in a specific discipline or field of study. This Masterclass with Leif Hallberg is truly a not-to-be missed opportunity to study, learn, and grow with one of the leading experts in the equine-assisted mental health (EAMH) and equine-assisted learning (EAL) industry.

The Masterclass is an intimate, powerful, and PERSONAL learning experience that weaves together Leif’s expertise and extensive knowledge related to equines, experiential facilitation, mindfulness and meditation practices, nature, and art and other creative processes. As Leif says, this isn’t a spectator sport! Prepare to go deep and authentically explore your relationships with self, other, and the natural world!

This class is all about a dedication to self-study, to life-long learning, to increasing competency, to raising the bar, to investing in your own personal and professional growth, and to doing it together – in community.

“The most life-changing, attitude-shifting, I’ll-never-be-the-same part of this learning experience has been the in-between. Listening to words not spoken, seeing things unseen, feeling a connection to horses, other people, myself and the natural world that I’ve never heard, seen or connected to before. Finding my tribe and my path to allow me to be truly me.”

Tara Reid

To join this growing community of dedicated learners you don’t need to be an expert or bring years of experience. Masterclass participants come to this class with all levels of experience and knowledge and this is why the “magic” happens. We learn together — from each other and with each other. Masterclass participants are committed to the process of learning – and seek to share a challenging, rewarding, and safe personal and professional growth experience with other like-minded and passionate individuals.

Core Teachings

The Masterclass is delivered via an accessible hybrid of synchronous (online in-person) and asynchronous (on your own) learning. The course is divided into learning modules based around these five core teachings.

1. About the Self

You will be introduced to Leif’s “Humanship” skills which will guide all of our interactions throughout the course. You will also be invited to engage in a process of non-judgmental and authentic self-assessment, self-evaluation, and self-reflection. You will learn about the personal and professional competencies associated with providing equine-assisted mental health and equine-assisted learning and develop your own Personal & Professional Development Plan.

2. About EAMH & EAL

We will explore the foundational theories of EAMH and EAL including an introduction to experiential learning theory, human-animal bonding, the physiological and neurological impact of the human-animal bond, and the importance of the human connection to nature (biophilia). You will also be introduced to the distinctions between equine-assisted mental health and equine-assisted learning, and we will discuss the various applications for both services.

3. About Horses

Understanding our equine partners as individuals and as a species, and knowing how to foster respectful and safe relationships is a critical component of EAMH or EAL. You will be introduced to the basics of equine ethology, learning about the ethological characteristics of equines, how equines communicate, react, and respond, and how ethology informs care and welfare practices. We will also discuss the ethical and safety considerations of including equines in mental health or learning.

4. About Practice

This is your opportunity to consider the many, and varied ways of providing EAMH and EAL and delve into the practical and ethical considerations of running your EAMH or EAL business. Topics such as cost of services, insurance billing, risk management, forms, and operating policies & procedures will be addressed.

5. About Facilitation

The Masterclass culminates with a focus on the key facilitation skills necessary to provide effective, ethical, and safe EAMH and EAL. You will be introduced to the art and science behind designing session plans and developing activities to meet client or student goals and you will have the opportunity to practice facilitating mock sessions.

“The Masterclass changed my life. I gained invaluable insight into myself as a person, a horsewoman, and a capable EAL facilitator. The journey challenged me and was emotional and inspiring.”

Anne Pearson

Who Is This Course For?

  • Professionals already providing EAMH or EAL who want to enhance their skills and increase their competency.
  • Healthcare professionals, educators, coaches, horse professionals, students, or anyone else who interested in gaining a deeper understanding about this powerful approach to treatment and learning.
  • Anyone interested in horses, facilitation, mindfulness, or personal development, and seeking a supportive community in which to learn more about themselves, others, and the natural world.

What Is Included In This Course?

  • Every other week 2-hour live classes facilitated by Leif (days and times of these calls to be established once the group forms).
  • Learning assignments designed to increase your knowledge, skills, and competency.
  • Weekly open office hours during which you can ask questions, discuss challenges, and receive support, guidance, and feedback from Leif.
  • Six 1:1 consult sessions with Leif are included in the base rate. Additional consults can be added.
  • Full access to all course materials.
  • A community of like-minded travelers!
  • A Certificate of Completion documenting 120 hours of professional development. * (see below)

How Will The 120 Hours Be Spent?

  • Live Zoom calls (or replays if you miss one)
  • Study hours (reading, watching videos, doing learning and self-case assignments)
  • Participating in our online community forum
  • Connecting with fellow classmates during dyad or small group work
  • Engaging with Leif during the open office hours
  • Practicing skills

*In order to successfully complete this course and receive your Certificate of Completion you must meet the minimum requires as outlined in your Masterclass Handbook.

Technology & Logistical Requirements

  • Access to Zoom with a working camera and microphone on a computer and on a phone or iPad.
  • Access to Facebook, Messenger, and Google Drive. *
  • Basic knowledge of Microsoft Word and Powerpoint. *
  • Access to horses.
  • Access to WiFi or the internet where the horses are (recommended but not required)
  • Someone to help with videoing on occasion.

*Don’t stress if you aren’t comfortable with these applications — Leif is always happy to help and plenty of folks have completed the Masterclass who started with limited technological skills!

What To Expect

  • This is self-paced, self-directed, community-based, experiential learning IN PRACTICE. Taking responsibility for yourself and showing up as an active and engaged member of the group is essential to the learning process and is an expectation of this class.
  • Experiential learning isn’t anything like conventional education. Expect to learn new ways to learn and explore old patterns.
  • In the experiential learning model, the “instructor” offers experiences, ideas, knowledge, and content, but each community member must choose for themselves how they will engage and utilize the learning opportunity.
  • Each community member is valued for their own experiences, knowledge, and expertise, and each member is invited (perhaps even expected) to share that unique wisdom and information with the group as this is what forms the rich tapestry of the learning environment.
  • Leif’s approach to learning is deeply personal and this class is no exception. Expect to dig deep, to explore your relationships with self, other, and the natural world, to challenge long-held beliefs, and to embark on a journey of personal and professional self-discovery.

Payment Options

  • Base Rate: $1950.00 USD – includes twelve 90min small group zoom calls (every other week) and six 60 min 1:1 consults.
  • New Professional Option: $2760.00 USD – includes twelve 90min small group zoom calls (every other week) and twelve 60 min 1:1 consults (ideal for those just starting an EAMH or EAL business)

*International transfer fees are not included in the cost of tuition

“As a student I was looking to really dive deeper and extend my knowledge and understanding of my work with horses and humans. The course offered me the opportunity to do this and to also surprise myself by gaining a better understanding of myself as both a person and professional.”

Amy Andra

“I thought I had a great relationship with and understanding of horses – then I signed up for Leif’s Masterclass and realised there was a huge, unexplored world out there. As a direct result of the Masterclass and my learnings, I have entirely reframed my approach to interacting with all horses, but particularly my own. The phrase which comes up for me repeatedly is “replace judgement with curiosity” and approach every interaction from a place of compassion. This has been an absolute game changer and has so significantly improved my relationship with my horses (and my fellow humans), its hard to put into words. I view the equine world with an entirely different lens”  

Tanya McDermott
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