Who am I? As a human? As a partner, a friend, a colleague? As a professional? What motivates and invigorates me? What are my strengths and my weaknesses? What do I strive for? How do I wish to conduct my professional services? What sort of business do I want to run? What are my values, philosophies, and dreams? How can I best serve my clients, students, and horses? How do I take care of myself? How open am I to others and to the practice of  growing and changing? And, what can I do to continue to improve upon my skills and abilities?

As someone in the helping profession, these questions are essential. To provide the best possible service for our clients, students, and horses, we must keep stretching and growing. We must keep learning and challenging ourselves and our beliefs.

It is an honor to be a part of someone’s healing or learning journey.  Walking next to your client or student on this path is a powerful experience, but one that requires a great deal of personal and professional development to ensure we understand how best to be of service while remaining grounded, centered, healthy, and ethical in our business practices.

  • For mental health professionals who wish to include equines and the farm milieu, as per the American Counseling Association, the American Psychological Association, and the National Association of Social Workers consultation/supervision, training, and ongoing education is required when including a speciality area of practice (like equine-assisted mental health). Thus, engaging in professional consultation services and ongoing education and training will ensure that you are in compliance with your profession’s code of ethics and standards.
  • For those offering equine-assisted learning, consultation is also an invaluable way of continuing to improve upon your services and develop your skills. In some cases, consultation/supervision and ongoing training may actually be required by your professional association (i.e. PATH Intl.) or training organization.
  • For administrators interested in adding equine-assisted mental health or equine-assisted learning services, Leif can help you design your services in a safe and ethical manner aligning with national standards, ethics, and healthcare laws.

In any of the above cases, engaging in professional consultation is likely one of the best gifts you can offer yourself and your clients, students, and horses!

Leif’s Approach

As a highly skilled clinician, educator, and international expert with over 25 years of experience in the areas of experiential therapy and learning, integrative wellness, equine-assisted mental health, equine-assisted learning, and nature-based interventions, Leif brings a wealth of skills and knowledge she delights in sharing.

Leif will work with you to individualize your consultation services so as to target both personal and professional development goals, and help you advance through a process of skills and knowledge acquisition based upon your specific needs.

Common Topics

  • Business start-up or ongoing business management and/or private practice related topics
  • Personal growth
  • Identifying the right model or approach to use
  • Patient/participant selection
  • Patient/participant safety and privacy
  • Treatment planning/IEPs/lesson plans/coaching plans
  • Activity design
  • Choosing staff and equines
  • Equine assessment/skills/evaluation/problem solving
  • Including other animals, art, or nature-based experiences
  • Experiential facilitation skills
  • Discharge planning
  • Ethics
  • Animal welfare
  • Self and professional growth and development
  • Billing/coding/clinical documentation

Consultation Session Format

Consultation sessions are typically conducted virtually, via telephone or Zoom. Leif offers a variety of formats to best meet the needs of busy professionals.

  • A one-time basis
  • An ongoing basis
  • As-needed basis
  • A consultation group * (if available)

If you are interested in learning more about Leif’s services, Contact Leif to find out more!