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Connections with animals and nature make us better human beings…

better in relationship, better at keeping ourselves healthy, and better at taking care of the natural world! As we know innately, and is well documented in research, human beings need nature to remain healthy, and our increasing separation from nature has led to both human suffering and environmental degradation. As humans have become more detached from the rhythms of the natural world, and instead look to technology to set the pace for progress, function, and productivity, levels of stress, disconnection, and dis-health have skyrocketed.

Connecting to nature and animals helps us to slow down, breathe, listen to our bodies, feel our emotions, engage authentically, and have the TIME to act thoughtfully. This is of great benefit in all parts of life, from relationships, to work, to how we take care of our bodies and our minds.

The benefits of connection to nature are reciprocal; as we become are less stressed, more present, and more aware of the importance of nature in our daily lives, we also are more likely to be better stewards of the environment, protecting and fighting for the rights of animals and nature.

“We live in undeniable connectedness with all life. Every word we speak, every action we initiate creates a ripple upon this relationship. Understanding this connectedness brings a sacredness to each moment. There is no contact, no perception, no engagement that is inconsequential or insignificant. Each contact is an opportunity for deepening sensitivity and understanding. Our spirituality must touch every area of our lives.”

Christina Feldman & Jack Kornfield

Let’s journey together!

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