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Close your eyes… breathe deeply… experience this precious moment…

To slow down, become aware of all that is around us and inside of us, and fully engage in the present moment is one of the best gifts we can give ourselves. As we practice this mindful and embodied way of being we become more authentic, connected, and kind.

Mindfulness is the act of becoming aware and present in the moment. It is the ability to notice (and try not to judge or get caught in our judgements) all that is inside of us and all that is outside of us. It is the capacity to witness — to recognize what is ours and what is other — and to gently hold loving acceptance for both experiences.

As we slow down and focus our attention on becoming more fully and authentically available in the present moment, we often notice far more and experience a sense of deeper connection and “heartfelt-ness”. We are better able to recognize and regulate our emotions, hold space for other people’s feelings, and enter into our own bodies to explore the gifts and wisdom they hold.

Although the concept or practice of mindfulness originated from Buddhist meditation, in recent years it has been brought into the mainstream in part by the work of Jon Kabat-Zinn who reminds us that mindfulness can help us reduce stress and reconnect to our vibrant, loving selves.

Leif brings the practice of cultivating a mindful, embodied presence into everything she does – from her experiential psychotherapy services to her professional development courses and consultations.

“When we function from a place of mindful, heartfelt presence, we radiate a sense of openheartedness, spaciousness, and groundedness. We are able to be spontaneous, and our true nature is uncovered. We can be kind, clear, and loving towards all beings”

Adapted from John Prendergast

Let’s journey together!

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