Praise for Walking the Way of the Horse

“What happens when we step off our “high horses” and walk beside these powerful beings? A whole new vista of possibilities materializes, seemingly out of thin air, and we realize that horses have more to teach us than we could ever presume to teach them. This ambitious book offers the most comprehensive overview to date of a complex, cutting-edge, multi-faceted field, deftly exploring the history, challenges, and as yet untapped potential of the various disciplines that employ horses as educators, therapists, and trainers of advanced human development skills.”

Linda Kohanov, author of The Tao of Equus, Riding Between Worlds, and The Way of the Horse: Equine Archetypes for Self Discovery

Walking The Way of the Horse is destined to become “the definitive” text or manual for our industry. Ms. Hallberg has done a magnificent job of providing desperately needed research and material for an industry in need of leadership and direction. This is an incredible piece of work and I bow to you.”

Chris Irwin, author of Dancing with your Dark Horse and Horses Don’t Lie

Walking the Way of the Horse is the definitive resource in the emerging Equine Facilitated Mental Health and Educational Services Profession. This book is like having your own personal reference guide and consultant in your pocket. I’m really impressed with what I consider to be the most comprehensive text in our profession.”

Stan Maliszewski, PH.D., Clinical Associate Professor, University of Arizona, Past Board President of the Center for Credentialing and Education

“The field of equine assisted education and psychotherapy is expanding rapidly throughout the world. What has been needed to assist in this expansion is a well researched text that provides a common language for the new practitioner. This book fits that need perfectly. Ms. Hallberg has reviewed countless books, interviewed the pioneers in the field and compiled an extraordinarily comprehensive text that provides a solid background in one of the most exciting and innovative approaches to mental health of this decade.”

Nancy Waite-O’Brien, PH.D., Vice President of Clinical Services at the Betty Ford Clinic, Board member of CBEIP

“This is a volume to treasure! Leif Hallberg has meticulously crafted a definitive text for the field of Equine Facilitated Mental Health and Education Services. She offers illumination on the various theories and concepts that frame this vast field of working with horses and people for mutual benefit. I learned much from my reading and deeply appreciate the depth of Leif’s research. Educators, Mental Health Clinicians, Program Directors, Horse Professionals and certainly students seeking knowledge of the basics will want a copy of this book.”

Barbara K. Rector, MA, CEFIP-ED, author of Adventures in Awareness: Learning With the Help of Horses

“This book is a tremendous resource for anyone interested in Equine Facilitated Mental Health and Education. Ms. Hallberg has thoroughly researched this growing field and provided a clear, objective, and concise explanation of the primary categories of EFMH/ES. This book is destined to become a classic.”

Ann C. Alden, MA, CEFIP, NARHA Certified Instructor, EFMHA President 2005-2007