My 20+ years of extensive clinical experience, research, and dedication to professionalism in the area of experiential therapy and learning, integrative healthcare, and human-animal-nature interactions provides me with a wealth of knowledge I am honored to share.

Over the years I have developed a model of working with people founded on these important premises:

  1. A respectful connection to animals and nature makes us better human beings and better stewards of our environment.
  2. The lessons learned from time spent with animals and in nature can be directly applied to daily life.
  3. Enduring change occurs when the body and the mind are engaged through an experiential process.
  4. An integrative approach to healthcare is essential for long-lasting and sustained healing, growth, and change.

Whether you are a professional seeking training or consultation, a horse person wishing to expand your understanding of the horse-human relationship, or a potential client (or parent) looking for an innovative approach to mental health services, , or you will find these aspects interwoven into all we do together.

I welcome your interest, and would be happy to talk with you about how I might be of help.