Professional development training in the areas animal-assisted, equine-assisted, or nature-based activities or therapies can be obtained through a number of different sources. Although training programs commonly offer a “certification” or “certificate” upon completion of the curriculum, these programs should not be confused with a rigorous credentialing process in which a third party validates the education, experience, qualifications, and competency of a professional.

In many cases, training programs teach only their specific model or approach. Although this can be helpful in expanding one’s “tool bag”, it is important to note that attending a single, methodologically-based training program is not sufficient to establish broad-based competency in equine-assisted activities or equine-assisted therapies.

Leif Hallberg and her associates are not responsible for the quality or safety of any of the trainings listed here. Consumers are urged to use their best judgement in choosing a training program.  

Equine-Assisted Trainings 

Adventures in Awareness (AIA)

Workshops, training, and internship programs are offered in a broad array of areas necessary for integrating equine-assisted mental health services into a clinical practice.

American Hippotherapy Association, Inc. (AHA)

Offers online and in-person courses in physical, occupational, and speech therapists who wish to include horses in their clinical practice.


Training program offered in equine-facilitated experiential learning over the course of six months; workshops and apprenticeship opportunities are also available.

Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA)

Training in the EAGALA model of equine-facilitated psychotherapy and equine-assisted learning, utilizing a ground-based, loose-horse approach.

Equine Assisted Therapy Australia

Offers an ASQA accredited Diploma of Counselling that focuses on providing equine-assisted mental health. This is the only nationally-recognized qualification in Australia in this industry. At the completion of this educational program, successful graduates are considered qualified to provide counseling services with horses.

Equine Psychotherapy Institute

Comprehensive 12-month training model for licensed mental health professionals; Annual conferences and advanced training is also available.

Gestalt Equine Institute of the Rockies

Two-year training program combining aspects of Gestalt psychotherapy with equine interactions.

Human-Equine Alliances for Learning (HEAL)

Five-month training program utilizing a program specific model which focuses on professional and personal development as well as the importance of horsemanship skills.

Human-Equine Relational Development Institute (HERD)

Offers training in both equine-facilitated psychotherapy and equine-facilitated learning to licensed professionals over a 12-month period; continuing credit units are also offered.

Natural Lifemanship

Offers a training program in a specific model the founders call “trauma-focused equine-assisted psychotherapy”.

Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship, International (PATH, Intl.) 

PATH Intl. offers trainings and a well recognized industry certificate program for therapeutic riding and driving instructors.

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