Interested in doing some of your own personal growth work, deepening your relationships with horses, or experiencing equine-assisted mental health first hand?

Private intensives are a perfect way to dig in and address issues, questions, or challenges you have been wrestling with. These services can


for professionals who are already providing equine-assisted mental health or equine-assisted learning, or those who are interested in learning more about the health-related applications of the horse-human relationship to engage in the process themselves, deepening their personal experiences of the work, and gaining meaningful insights through equine experiences facilitated by a leading expert and internationally-recognized pioneer.

These intensives are also structured to help professionals consider their equine partners in new ways, and develop a different level of connection and relationship.

Private intensives may also be useful for clients who have horses themselves, and would like to experience equine-assisted therapy in the seclusion of their own homes or in a retreat setting.

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