“I cannot say enough about how much Leif Hallberg has helped my two children, and therefore, our family.  She came into our lives at a time when both children were struggling in many ways as teenagers. With Leif’s ability to listen and HEAR what was going on with each of them, they felt heard and encouraged for the first time.  They are now competent, independent thinking, hard working, and confident young adults. She has gone above and beyond for our family in so many ways. I am ever so grateful for the on-going support and encouragement Leif has provided over the years.” ~ Tanja

My approach to counseling (and psychotherapy) is… different.

As a highly skilled clinician with extensive experience and 20+ years of clinical practice, I am comfortable working with a wide range of clients facing a variety of challenges. Over the years I have developed a unique experiential, integrative, insight and action-oriented approach to counseling and psychotherapy that works exceptionally well as alternative to “talk” therapy, and combines the expertise of depth-oriented psychotherapy with a skills-based counseling approach.

My personal belief is that counseling is for everybody. I don’t see counseling as something you only attend to “fix” some type of problem or treat an illness. Instead, I think counseling is a valuable tool you can use any time to learn about yourself, gain new skills, and get the help and support you need to move through times of transition and change. Being in counseling does not mean there is something “wrong” with you. In my mind, it means there is something RIGHT with you — as by going to counseling you are taking action and making a life-long investment in YOU.

Increasing our ability for self-awareness and self-reflection through depth-oriented process work, and learning new skills to better communicate and help manage stress, anxiety, and emotion is critical for our health and wellness. I believe that talking about our goals, dreams, and challenges is only one part of the change process – We have to DO to make change happen.

Through experiential and insight-based activities that include interacting with horses and the natural world, doing art, and learning mindfulness and stress reduction techniques, my clients gain these vital life skills, and practice new ways of being in relationship.

When you work with me you will likely engage in some or all of these activities (plus others we come up with on the fly):

  • Equine-assisted mental health or equine-assisted learning
  • Nature-based activities
  • Art activities
  • Mindfulness-based and stress reduction activities
  • Meal and menu planning, cooking activities
  • Organizational activities
  • Goal setting & action planning
  • Integrative wellness assessments, assignments, and referrals

Counseling.. Different means you will:

  • Discover new information about yourself and gain a different perspective.
  • Learn new skills and put them into action
  • Change long standing patterns, create new ways of living, embrace and empower yourself– your skills and abilities, your strengths, your innate wisdom, and your dreams.

Counseling… Different tends to work well for:

  • Youth, pre-teens, and teenagers who find “talk therapy” ineffective or boring.
  • Anyone else who has found conventional “talk therapy” ineffective effective or boring :).
  • Parents looking for a fresh perspective, new tools, and support.
  • Anyone in transition seeking a greater degree of clarity about life’s direction.
  • Anyone who is interested in a more action-oriented approach to change
  • Those with undiagnosed or complicated medical and mental health issues (see note below)

Note: The experiential and integrative nature of this approach leads to a more comprehensive understanding of the whole person, and this can be very helpful in generating an accurate diagnosis or conceptualizing the challenges a person is facing and crafting a successful plan. As such, my diverse skills and experience also include a specialization in the assessment, diagnoses, treatment planning, and treatment coordination of complex cases.

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