Uniquely combining a connection to nature and animals with integrative wellness and an experiential, action-oriented approach to counseling. It really is Counseling… Different. 

I believe counseling is for everyone. At some point we all hit times of transition and change when we need a little extra support. I view myself as a guide, supporter, and coach, helping you along the journey – wherever it may lead.

I also believe that talking about our challenges, goals, and dreams is only one part of the change process – We have to DO to make change happen.

Counseling.. Different means you will:

  • Discover new information about yourself and gain a different perspective.
  • Learn new skills and put them into action
  • Change long standing patterns, create new ways of living, embrace and empower yourself– your skills and abilities, your strengths, your innate wisdom, and your dreams.

The experiential and integrative nature of the approach leads to a more comprehensive understanding of the whole person, and this can be very helpful in generating an accurate diagnosis or conceptualizing the challenges a person is facing and crafting a successful plan.

Counseling… Different tends to work well for:

  • Anyone in transition seeking a greater degree of clarity about life’s direction.
  • Anyone who is interested in a more action-oriented approach to change.
  • Youth, pre-teens, and teenagers who find “talk therapy” ineffective or boring.
  • Parents looking for additional tools and support.
  • Those with undiagnosed or complicated medical issues that may have a psychological component.

Counseling… Different Components

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