Who is this workshop designed for?

This workshop is designed for equestrian coaches, horse enthusiasts, life-skills coaches, corporate trainers, educators, and mental health practitioners who have an interest in the use of equine-assisted learning for different populations including riding lesson students, school groups, corporate groups, or mental health clients.

Will attending this workshop mean I am “certified” to provide equine-assisted learning or equine-assisted mental health?

At the completion of this workshop you will be awarded a “certification of completion” which documents the hours of professional development you attained, and states you have successfully completed the workshop requirements.

This “certification” is the same as those provided by any other model-specific training for equine-assisted mental health or equine-assisted learning. Obtaining one of these “certificates” does not imply you are qualified or approved by a governing body to provide any specific service. Rather, it is a testament to your own your professional development, and shows others that you have attended specific trainings in your area of interest.

Can I attend this training with no horse skills?

In order to get the most out of this workshop it is advised that you have a certain degree of comfort around horses. However, if you are concerned about your level of competency, we would be happy to discuss the matter with you to see if we think you might still be a good fit for the workshop, and could build your skills in through this experience.

How is this workshop different than other trainings and workshops?

First and foremost, Leif’s workshops and trainings are unique because content is based upon her extensive scholarly research and exhaustive academic study, and are informed by her 30+ years of experience as a horse trainer, riding instructor, mental health professional, and leading expert and pioneer in the area of equine-assisted mental health and equine-assisted learning.

Furthermore, rather than offering a specific model or method to follow, this workshop is designed to complement other models and training programs by encouraging participants to explore how the concepts and activities presented can enhance whatever approach they currently use.

This workshop focuses on improving horse skills and connecting participants to nature and animals as a direct strategy for improving human skills, regardless of the clientele served.  Thus, the content is applicable to a diverse range of practitioners and populations.

This workshop also introduces the use of nature-rich equine experiences, which is unique to the research and writings of Leif Hallberg.

What will I get out of this workshop?

The workshop is intended to provide hard skills and information about equine-assisted learning, while also encouraging a level of personal growth and development necessary to effectively interact with horses and humans.

Expect to learn something new both about equine-assisted learning and the role of horse skills in human development, AND about yourself and your relationship with horses and the natural world.

We encourage you to bring curiosity and open mindedness to this experience, and be prepared to have some of your beliefs about horses challenged just a little :).