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It is an honor to be a part of someone’s healing or learning journey.  Walking next to your client or student on this path is a powerful experience, but one that requires a great deal of personal and professional development to ensure we understand how best to be of service while remaining grounded, centered, healthy, and ethical in the delivery of our services and our business practices. To provide the best possible services, we must keep stretching and growing. We must keep learning and challenging ourselves and our beliefs.

Leif provides professional consultation on array of topics including:

  • Case supervision and consultation
  • Big picture visioning (what is my passion and purpose?)
  • Goal setting and task prioritization (how am I going to manifest my passion and purpose?)
  • Equine welfare, assessment, and care strategies
  • Personal and professional development (who am I as a provider, what are my strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and growing edges, how can I “walk my talk” in everything that I do?)

Through these consultation sessions, Leif helps to bring a sense of clarity, purpose, balance, and grounding stability to life’s journey. She believes that engaging in professional consultation is one of the best gifts you can offer yourself and your clients, students, and horses.

Join Leif on an adventure of personal and professional transformation!

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Once Leif receives your appointment request she will reach out to you to schedule an initial consult call. If you do not hear back from Leif within 48 hours Monday-Thursday please email ( and also check your spam folder.

It is important to note that this form (and it’s transmission) is not considered secure, so please don’t share highly detailed or sensitive information.

“Leif is a great source of knowledge, inspiration, fun and hard work (but it is worth it!).”

Ann Kern-Godal

“The combination of information and deep learning that Leif facilitates is truly transformational. I am not the same person now that I was when I started the course in the beginning of the year.

Amanda Starr

Let’s journey together!

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