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Reconnect with your authentic self… that beautiful, strong, intuitive, empowered, curious, and unstoppable YOU.

Never before has slowing down, finding balance, making heartfelt connections, and learning skills and strategies to reduce stress and anxiety seemed more urgent. After nearly two decades walking beside clients through life’s challenging and triumphant moments, Leif has developed an approach to psychotherapy that is really.. well.. different. As a licensed professional (clinical) counselor with extensive training in depth and humanistic psychology, experiential therapy, and integrative wellness, Leif melds centuries old mindfulness practices with cutting-edge scientific research – crafting effective, powerful, and engaging experiences for her clients.

Are Leif’s Services Right for Me?

If you are wondering whether Leif’s services might be a good fit for you (or a family member or friend), ask these questions:

  • Am I stressed, anxious, tired, burnt out, or worried?
  • Am I struggling to keep my life together?
  • Do I feel disconnected, lonely, isolated, or depressed?
  • Am I suffering from physical symptoms that don’t seem to improve regardless of medical treatment?
  • Am I feeling unseen or unfulfilled in my relationships?
  • Am I having work or school-related challenges, questioning my purpose, or feeling like I have lost my passion?
  • Do I want to make a change in my life?
  • Do I want to reconnect with ME again?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you are not alone!!! And Leif can likely help!

Experiential psychotherapy is a highly effective way to bring about long lasting change because it combines practical skills (learning mindfulness and lifestyle techniques to help reduce stress and anxiety and improve physical and emotional function), reflective and relational skills, (to better understand yourself and others), and taking action (making tangible, long-lasting change across the many spheres of your life).

Leif’s approach works well for a diverse group of people, but is especially effective for:

  • Action-oriented folks who want to better understand themselves and their direction in life, to reduce stress, anxiety, depression and all those other all-to-common ailments of the 21st century, and to increase daily life balance and the overall ENJOYMENT of life!
  • Adolescents, young adults and their families seeking a proactive, no-nonsense, supportive, and engaging form of therapy.
  • People with complex or complicated medical diagnoses who have not found relief in other forms of treatment.

There is no question this is transformational work. Connecting the body, the mind, and the spirit through a relational, whole person or “integrative” approach and supercharging that with the power of mindfulness-based experiential psychotherapy is nothing short of life changing. Prepare to see yourself differently, create new ways of living, reconnect, let go of long-held patterns and beliefs, see possibility and light in dark places, and embrace and empower YOURSELF — your abilities, your strengths, your innate wisdom, and your dreams!

This is real. This is powerful. This is the adventure of life.

“I cannot say enough about how much Leif has helped my two children, and therefore, our family.  She came into our lives at a time when both children were struggling in many ways as teenagers. With Leif’s ability to listen and HEAR what was going on with each of them, they felt heard and encouraged for the first time.  They are now competent, independent thinking, hard working, and confident young adults. She has gone above and beyond for our family in so many ways. I am ever so grateful for the on-going support and encouragement Leif has provided over the years.”


Let’s journey together!

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