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Reconnect with your authentic self…

That beautiful, strong, intuitive, empowered, curious, and unstoppable YOU!

Never before has slowing down, finding balance, making heartfelt connections, and learning skills and strategies to reduce stress and anxiety seemed more urgent. After nearly two decades walking beside clients through life’s challenging and triumphant moments, Leif has developed an approach she calls “transformational coaching” that is really.. well.. different. Weaving together her extensive training in depth and humanistic psychology, experiential learning, and integrative wellness, Leif melds centuries old mindfulness practices with cutting-edge scientific research crafting effective, powerful, and engaging experiences for her clients.

Leif offers both individual and relationship coaching sessions.

Transformational Coaching

Connecting the body, the mind, and the spirit through an experiential, relational, whole person or “integrative” approach to wellness and supercharging all of that with the power of embodied mindfulness is nothing short of life changing. Prepare to see yourself differently, create new ways of living and being, reconnect, let go of long-held patterns and beliefs, see possibility and light in dark places, and embrace and empower YOURSELF — your abilities, your strengths, your innate wisdom, and your dreams!

Are Leif’s Services Right for Me?

If you are wondering whether Leif’s services might be a good fit for you (or a family member or friend), ask these questions:

  • Do I want to understand myself and my life’s purpose more deeply?
  • Am I ready to begin the journey of reconnecting to my authentic self?
  • Do I want to make lasting change in my life?
  • Am I seeking something more from my relationships or wish to enhance the quality of my relationships?
  • Do I want to learn and practice new skills that will help me to bring greater vitality, passion, and purpose my life and my relationships?

This is real. This is powerful. This is the adventure of life.

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